Pondering a checklist

This BDSM Experience and Curiosity Checklist is a getting-to-know-you tool … a negotiation tool … something to help you explore the history and areas of curiosity for yourself or a partner or potential partner.

It is a downloadable list of hundreds of different BDSM/Kink/Fetish activities that you can print out or fill in electronically.

There may be things in this list that you have never heard of before or have never seriously considered for yourself.  Your natural reaction may be one of fear or revulsion.  If this happens, I encourage you to try to adopt a sense of curiosity in place of disgust.  I guarantee that there are things on this list that are not nearly as scary as they sound.  Also, sometimes a strong emotional reaction is a clue that something somewhere inside is already a little curious…

Scroll down to download the list!

Scene Negotiation Conversation Starter Forms: If you are looking for forms designed as conversation starters for a specific scene (these can be great for pick-up plat at a party), we have one designed for general BDSM play and a supplemental one designed specifically for rope.  Check them out!


The original version of this list was compiled from many sources by Master Guardian of Sin City D/s Network in Las Vegas, who gave his very kind permission for us to reuse it.  We added a few things, split them into categories to lower context switching and updated the formatting a bit. We now make this version available to the community under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

Vegas, baby!  

Speaking of Vegas, due to some local laws you would not expect in a place nicknamed “Sin City”, the real-life BDSM scene there has to be quite careful and circumspect.  But if you are visiting and want to connect with some locals or perhaps other like-minded visitors, there are ways:

  • The best place to check for local real events is the LVEventsCalendar.
  • Master Guardian also hosts a Sin City D/s Network Meet and Greet every Friday evening.  You can find details on the events calendar or on FetLife.
  • There are several clubs in the area that routinely host fetish evens as well–no actual personal play, but fun fetish atmosphere and performances.  You can find more info about them on FetLife as well: go to the events page and search for “Las Vegas, Nevada, United States”.